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This was his city. Oh, there were those that ran it, those that had the paperwork and those that brandished it to other nations. But in every way that counted, this city was his.[x] 

This was his city. Oh, there were those that ran it, those that had the paperwork and those that brandished it to other nations. But in every way that counted, this city was his.

My apologies everybody! I was dead on schedule, when writers block struck. I’ve now finished the chapter, and only editing is left. It will be up today.


Another update on Shattered Pieces coming this evening! We’ll be seeing more Moriarty.

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Does it ever end?


Does it ever end?

I’d be lost without my blogger.

I’d be lost without my blogger.

Shattered Pieces - Chapter 5 Review Replies

forgetmenotjimmy 5/7/12 . chapter 5

Ooooh! This fic is so intriguing, where is it going to go? I’m so excited for the next part!
:D Thanks!

Mitaya 5/6/12 . chapter 5

Oh wow. Oh Sherlock. I have so many questions about what’s going on in this whole place. But I’ll try to be patient :)


I’m sorry for the long updates you have to bear. Thanks for reviewing!

Alaksandra 5/1/12 . chapter 5

I’m anxious to find out what happened to Sherlock. John is perfect. Love how this story is playing out.

Btw, “It enfolded the slime, delicate frame,” I knew you ment “slim” not “slime.” However, I couldn’t help but envision Howl, Howl’s Moving Castle, covered in his depressing green slime. He too has Sherlock’s body type.
Thank you for reviewing, and pointing that mistake out! I went and fixed it.

10pointstoZoe 5/1/12 . chapter 5

AHHHHH Yay! I loved the quick update ;) ;lkjasdf I just need to know what happens! I usually don’t like AU fics but this is so intriguing. Thank you so much for posting it :)
I’m really glad this fic has caught your attention! Thank you for reviewing.

drjamband 5/1/12 . chapter 5

YESSSS! can’t wait to hear everything!
:D Thanks for reviewing! 

LogicandWonderland 5/1/12 . chapter 5

Well I’m hooked! I can’t wait for the next chapter. And don’t worry, I think it is okay for Sherlock to be OOC for now, until he gets to know John better. I mean, a lot of abuse with no friendship, I’m impressed at how much pride he still has!
Thank you for those kind words (= I don’t want to get him to far from his normal persona, but he has to be showing the strain to extent.

anon 5/1/12 . chapter 5


power0girl 5/1/12 . chapter 5

Now we’re getting somewhere! Nice chapter, I like this Kevin guy, fleashing out the idea that not all people who work for people like Moriarty are evil, a good number are just like John, trying to make ends meet!

I’m excited to read more, so get writing!

Thank you so much for reviewing! I’m glad you liked that idea, as I was a little unsure about it.

muSiC xx AdiCt 5/1/12 . chapter 5

I’m glad you seem to be enjoying!

Willow Battlegale 5/1/12 . chapter 5

Blackmail, incentive, nuance. I am literally aquiver with anticipation for this little talk… what on earth could force Sherlock effing Holmes to be so… quiet?
You’ll have to wait another chapter for the talk, and then another for things to start looking up! Thank you for reviewing.

TheScaryLittleGhostGirl 5/1/12 . chapter 5

Update! Update! UPDATE!
Thanks for reviewing (=

I’m really sorry for the lack of chapters recently! My laptop’s power cord broke, and I had to wait for a new one. But now its fixed, I can get round to posting Shattered Pieces. Chapter Six will be appearing this evening! We will be finding out exactly what happened to Sherlock.

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Sherlock Holmes is a great man, and someday if we’re very very lucky, he might even be a good one.

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